6 Steps To American Citizenship

With the issue of illegal immigration still at the forefront of the number of crisis issues in America, what is the LEGAL way to become a citizen of the United States? Here are the six steps to apply for citizenship.

To apply for U.S. citizenship, you must be a permanent resident (green card holder) and meet certain other eligibility requirements. The process for becoming a U.S. citizen is called naturalization.
Here are the steps you need to take to become a U.S. citizen:
1. Determine your eligibility for naturalization. To be eligible for naturalization, you must meet certain requirements, including:
a. Being at least 18 years old
b. Being a permanent resident (green card holder) for at least 5 years (or 3 years if you are married to a U.S. citizen)
c. Having lived in the state or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) district where you are applying for at least 3 months
d. Being able to read, write, and speak basic English
e. Having a basic understanding of U.S. history and government (also known as “civics”)
f. Being a person of good moral character

2. Complete the naturalization application. To apply for naturalization, you will need to fill out Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. You will need to provide information about your personal background, including your work and travel history. You will also need to provide documentation to support your application, such as your permanent resident card, passport, and birth certificate.

3. Submit your application and supporting documents. Once you have completed the naturalization application and gathered the required documents, you can submit your application to USCIS. You will need to pay a fee to cover the cost of processing your application.

4. Attend an interview. After you submit your application, USCIS will schedule an interview with you at a local field office. During the interview, a USCIS officer will ask you questions about your application and your background. You will also need to demonstrate your English language skills and knowledge of U.S. history and government.

5. Take the naturalization test. As part of the naturalization process, you will be required to take a test on your English language skills and knowledge of U.S. history and government. The test consists of two parts: a written test and an oral test.

6. Attend a naturalization ceremony. If your application is approved, you will be scheduled to attend a naturalization ceremony. At the ceremony, you will take an oath of allegiance to the United States and become a U.S. citizen.

Are these six steps too much to ask? Certainly not! Especially when considering you will become a citizen of the greatest nation in the world.

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