You don’t believe me, try, go, and armed guards will meet you if you leave the 1% of the arctic designated for tourist exploring. Commercial flights cannot fly over Antarctica! Every Nation in the WORLD has a treaty that the arctic cannot be visited without strict rules; the territory is for “research.”

I started reading [Declas] on this place years ago; let me be honest, it was bare-bones information. The flood gates opened with the release of classified information on Jan 14th, 2021. This land that always seemed to be involved in weird military operations quickly spiraled into truths I could have never imagined. The short version is it’s the ALPHA OMEGA of AREA 51 with miles of underground tunnel systems that lead into the US and holds bunkers with everything you would need to survive and restart life if the world ended.

With media outlets reporting Russia wanting to take over the arctic, I thought now might be a good time to inform you on this place. Do not let the Fake News fool you; the US military has a strong presence in the frozen hell hole ever since the week before Joe Biden took his Oath, oddly enough, China too! Maybe they just forgot to mention it in the damning articles released today. Headlines such as “Russia aims to take over the artic” or are once AGAIN using Russia as a punching bag to cover up the governments’ mess.

Fun Fact: on the night of the 2016 presidential election, John Kerry went to Antarctica. Other frequent visitors include Obama, The Pope, and Hillary Clinton.

Here is a video I found that puts a picture together on many things going on in this hell hole, but thats just the beginning.

In a quick search, you can follow up by searching military whistleblowers speaking their truth about operations in the arctic. Could these massive tunnel systems also be used for trafficking?