I thought of myself as a realist before 2020. I still do, to be honest, but some may say otherwise about me due to my controversial Tiktoks now questioning EVERY move the Government, Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hollywood, and Global Elites make. In my defense, I didn’t just wake up one day a “crazy conspiracy theorist.” It was a build-up of red flags I couldn’t ignore that all started to come together.

Most of you know I grew up watching world news and not mainstream media. I understand what’s going on worldwide and always questioned why mainstream played out a narrative that never fit the moves other world leaders were making.

But PIZZAGATE was something I couldn’t wrap my head around for a long time. Could it be true?

Taking everything the media had ever said about PIZZAGATE out of my head and following the digital path it took me on was the only way to find out.