It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that Freedom of Speech is being ripped out from underneath the feet of all Americans, regardless of party or ideology. The most concerning aspect of what’s happening is that it’s not local, state, or federal government officials who are responsible for the theft of our rights. However, because they’ve failed to act, they are 100% complicit in the crime and must be held accountable.

It amazes me how Democrats have failed to realize this fact. They’ve been swayed into believing “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Ally”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats won’t realize until it’s too late, that they’ve been leveraged as the useful idiots they’ve proven to be. It’s good to know some things never change.

With that said, here is just a small collection of the social media videos I’ve created that were subsequently banned on social media for everything from Hate Speech, to Adult Nudity, to Dangerous Individuals & Organizations, to just plain ‘ole Community Guidelines Violations with no explanation of what the “actual offense” actually was.



CramerSEZ Banned Videos 10.20.2021