If Anthony Fauci’s emails aren’t enough to convince you that social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are proxies of censorship for the Democratic Party, maybe this example of “the silencing of Conservative Voices” will do the job.

We at CramerSEZ can fully understand the Left’s justification for silencing those voices who call the violence of one group against another. But, when content is censored solely based on political or ideological bias, that platform is no longer acting in the public’s best interest.

Name one time in history where more censorship benefitted anyone. We’ll wait for your response. By the way, the answer is NEVER.

Below are just a few of the videos that have been banned or silenced on social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

You be the judge. Is this censorship or creating a “save and equitable community environment”?

The Biden Admin Neglects to Acknowledge the 77th Anniversary of D-Day.

Doxxing isn’t a TikTok Community Guideline Violation, pointing out a Doxxer is.

Even mentioning the AZ audit is a TT CG violation.

Social Media won’t allow people to point out the racism of the Left.

The first AZ audit video to be taken down due to a violation of TikTok Community Guidelines.

Facts about the Democrat Party’s history of racism isn’t allowed on social media, either.