My name is VonnCedric Lee Dixon Jr. You may have seen me on TikTok or heard about me on TikTok or other social media platforms for being a staunch Trump supporter. Oh, and did I mention, I’m Black? Although that shouldn’t matter, for some reason or another, in 2021, your skin color is the most important thing about a person. It’s pathetic that today’s leftists have decided skin color matters more than character.

How did I become such an avid Trump supporter? It’s simple. I value truth and promises kept over everything else. Trump did just that. He spoke truth to power and delivered on his promises.

I’m pretty sure that my childhood wasn’t that much different than other Black males my age. For years, both friends and family have indoctrinated me to believe my skin color is an obstacle in America. As a small child, I distinctly remember being told I shouldn’t expect too much from life and that success would be substantially harder for me to attain simply due to the color of my skin. I listened, but I didn’t believe them. Why? Because there are far too many people with my skin color who have attained success – in spite of their skin color.

All I had to do is look at people like Kobe Byrant or Lebron James. Regardless of their politics, these two black men attained their dreams by leveraging their abilities and skills into multi-million dollar careers. Now, I may not be able to dunk on a 7′ 4″ center but to assume my only path to success has to be on a basketball court, football field, or as a rap artist is just as racist as claiming I’m incapable of being successful at any other endeavor based solely on the amount of melanin I was born with. My skin color has nothing to do with my success. The only thing that can hold me back is if I choose to use my skin color as an excuse for not attaining my dreams.

How did I come to accept the ideology that I’m in 100% control of my destiny? By watching others who chased their dreams and attained them.

How did this realization lead me to become a Republican and Trump supporter?  Again, simple. A belief in the power of personal responsibility and self-determination aligns much more with the Republican Party than that of the Democrat Party. My skin color doesn’t matter. My actions, who I am, how I treat others, my character – these are the traits that people who aren’t racist judge other people every day. Only racists place skin color in front of all these traits of character.

I firmly believe Democrats have programmed Black America to believe they are oppressed. It’s clear Democrats who hate Black Americans will do everything possible to keep the Black Community hostage to the indoctrination of skin color over character. It’s a smack in the face to the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet, here we are.

Leftists may be woke, but I’m 100% AWAKE!

Educating myself about the hateful and racist history of Democrats was key to my AWAKENING. Upon learning that Democrats fought to keep slavery, created the KKK to intimidate freed slaves throughout the South, and discovering it was Democrats who held the longest filibuster in U.S. history in the attempt to kill the Civil Rights Act on the Senate floor – I realized everything I’d been led to believe was a lie. It was at this point that I began researching the Conservative Ideology.

My journey isn’t unique. There are millions of fellow Black Americans, true American Patriots, who have been AWAKENED to the tactics used by Democrats to control the Black community. Just like me, they’ve come to realize our future, our success, and the success of our communities starts with us believing in ourselves and acting accordingly. Our communities have relied on the handouts and guidance of the Democrat Party for the last forty years. Where has that gotten us? It’s time for a change in direction and ideology. An ideology that preaches we are Americans first and that puts us head and shoulders above everyone else on the planet.

My success will be based on my actions, my character, me as a person, and not the color of my skin.

I’m only twenty. I’m fully aware my journey has just begun. With that said, I also know my future, my success, and the realization of my dreams are one hundred percent in my control. Some may call me delusional. Some may claim I’m selling out. Here’s what’s most interesting about those who make these claims. They’re comfortable with their position because they still believe their skin color has more power over their success than personal responsibility, determination, hard work, and an undying belief in their own abilities. I’m not angered by their words, just saddened by their inability to believe in themselves. My goal is to lead by example, and somewhere down the road, possibly be their Kobe or Lebron.

In closing, let me say one last thing. My decision to come out as a Republican hasn’t been easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. However, my life and my future are now fully in my control. It’s now my mission to educate, inform and welcome other Black Americans who have chosen to walk away from the Democrat political plantation.